My imaging system.

This is yours truly with my very modded 152mm Konus telescope on my trusty Takahashi NJP mount.

NANJING INTANE OPTICAL 152mm 4 x element Super APO lens replacing the original 152mm 2 x element Achromat.

Currently using an CENTRAL DSLR cooled Canon 40d as the imaging camera (have a spare modded Canon 20D also).

Soon will be using a range of QHY cameras.

Seem to be dodging showers most of the time lugging the NJP in and out of the lounge.

Have just purchased a Takahashi EM200 for portability so should get out more.

The NJP will be going into the observatory (when I finish it) as a fixed system.

To much to do and too little time.

If you would like a large copy of any of my images please email me at

Thanks for looking at my images, hope they inspired you.